March, 2018

Begining: 17:00




Wiener Stadthalle

Roland-Rainer-Platz 1

1150 Wien



EUROPABALLETT with Andrea Bocelli

World star Andrea Bocelli enchants his fans in the Wiener Stadthalle on 24th March 2018 with “heavenly musical enjoyment”. Guest dancers include Florient Cador, Carol Pita and Rachael Carrier from the Europaballett.

The world tour will take Andrea Bocelli to Graz and Linz also to the capital Vienna, again supported by members of the European Ballet Ensemble.

A gift entrusted by God, in which Andrea Bocelli uniquely touches millions of people in a wonderful way. Supported by its impressive orchestra with more than 100 musicians, its top-class choir and other soloists, the concert will be a special kind of sound experience for the visitors.

Amor vida de mi vida, Be My Love and Libertango – danced by soloists of the European ballet – choreographed by Michael Fichtenbaum – arouse emotions and make this evening a special one. Florient Cador, Carol Pita and Rachael Carrier The soloists of the European Babel are able to translate the music into dance in such a way that, due to technical perfection, the visitor gets the impression of a harmony characterized by lightness and elegance.


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