La Bohème

April, 2018
Theater des Balletts

Oriongasse 4

3100 St. Pölten


Michael Fichtenbaum

Artur Kolmakov

Rodolfo (Poet):
Cassiano Rodrigues

Mimi (Seamstress) :
Tamara Alves

Marcello (Painter):
Florient Cador

Musetta (Singer):
Carol Pitta

Schaunard (Musician):
Gabriel Belucci

Colline (Philosoph):
Matheus Segrini

Lilou (Student):
Charlotte Sofield

Camille (Rich Woman):
Rachael Carrier

Benoît (Landlord):
Gerhard Hönigl

Gerhard Hönigl

Samir Cumpa

Mayara Viçoso

Alisa Nikitina

Wala Almejbl

Khanya Mandongana
Thiago Neves

Levan Tsintsadze

Dominik Vaida

Gala Lara
Leticia Calvete
Iaçana Castro

La Bohème, truly the most moving and tender love story of opera literature, staged by Michael Fichtenbaum.
Henri Murger describes in his novel “Les scènes de la vie de bohème” young Parisian artists of the 19th century, who are absorbed in their idealistic search for the way to success and their absolute dedication to art and love. A shattering tragedy that juxtaposes the carelessness of the young bohemia with the cruel reality of real life.
The presented performance is demanding and requires absolute accuracy, but still artistic creativity and dedication.
Michael Fichtenbaum, Artistic Director of the European Ballet, on the question of his intention in this action ballet:
“La Bohème shows how art can be free of poverty. The euphoria and enthusiasm of true artists, because they have no other life is possible. The love story between Mimi and Rudolfo shows that they are drawn by artistic existence. Deep love, but also deep mourning, artists usually experience far more intense than people without artistic talent because of their gift. Society needs art to experience activity, dynamics and, above all, imagination. A society without art would be monotonous, unproductive and one-sidedly conservative. It is all the more important that society pays its deserved respect, appreciation and respect to its artists. ”

Rodolfo – Cassiano Rodrigues and Mimi – Tamara Dornelas

Foto: Wolfgang Mayer

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