The Little Prince


Artistic Director Europaballett:
Michael Fichtenbaum

Reiner Feistel

Costumes and Scenery:
Stefan Wiel

Gabriel Belucci

Cassiano Rodrigues

Carol Pitta

Rachael Carrier

Mayara Viçoso

Wala Almejbl

Khanya Mandongana

Levan Tsintsadze

Dominik Vaida

Gala Lara

Wolfgang Mayer

Philipp Preiss

Rehearsal Director:
Artur Kolmakov

The popular fairy tale "The Little Prince" was performed in May 2018 at the National Theater in Osijek.

In a coproduction of the Europaballett with the Croatian National Theater in Osijek were from 18.5. to 22.5.2018 four performances of the art fairy tale “The Little Prince” given. The cooperation was created by Vuk Ognjenović, member of the European Ballet Ensemble.

Choreographer Reiner Feistel, winner of the Saxon Dance Award: “I am fascinated by the cooperation between the organizations in Austria and Croatia. The protagonists rehearsed locally. In the end, the individual pieces were put together and a great dance production was created. “

Director Drazena Vrselja from the Croatian National Theater Osijek mentioned to the Croatian press: “With the support of the St. Pölten Europaballett we have managed to create this production. We want more partner projects to bring ballet to the National Theater. “

Gabriel Belucci as prince and Carol Pitta as rose
Foto: Wolfgang Mayer
10 dancers from the ballet ensemble of the Lower Austrian capital St. Pölten danced the art fairy taleunder the artistic direction of Michael Fichtenbaum. Gabriel Belucci danced the prince. Carol Pitta appeared as a seductive rose and Levan Tsintsadze satdown as a pilot. The serpent was Mayara Vicoso.

A link between the Croatian and Austrian artists were the children of the Department of Contemporary Dance of the Music School Franjo Kuhač. For the 35 children, sponsored by Nikoola Livančić, Martin Terzic, Laura Del Carmen Velasco Farrera and Ivona Dumencic Janson, it was a "real pleasure" to participate in this production.
“You only see well with your heart. The essential is invisible to the eyes.”
The drawn projections for the stage design and costume designs were designed by Stefan Wiel, the equipment manager of Landesbühnen Sachsen. The costumes were professionally crafted by Zvonko Majdiš. The St. Pöltner Philipp Preiss is responsible for the organization of the tour.
We set a creative impulse with this fairy tale, freely narrated after Antoine de Saint-Exupery. It is interesting for children and adults alike. In the eye of the beholder - depending on the level of life or age, the most diverse messages can be recognized, whereby not only the cultural message but also ethical principles are conveyed.

The work is a modern fairy tale and was interpreted by Antoine de Saint-Exupery as an appeal for friendship and humanity. The key messages are: "You only see well with your heart. The essential is invisible to the eyes. "- and -" Nothing is as valuable as the time we spend together! "
Rachael Carrier and Reiner Feistel at the rehearsal.
Foto: Wolfgang Mayer
Vuk Ognjenović, Drazena Vrselja, Dirigent Filip Pavišić, Reiner Feistel and Philipp Preiss
Foto: Wolfgang Mayer
Dominik Vaida, Rachael Carrier, Carol Pitta, Cassiano Rodrigues, Reiner Feistel, Gala Lara, Vuk Ognjenović, Philipp Preiss, Levan Tsintsadze, Walaa Almejbl, Khanya Mandongana, Mayara Viçoso and Gabriel Belucci after the premiere.
Foto: Wolfgang Mayer